Biometry II, 2-6-2013


Keywords: Windsor, Two-ply, cloth, shirt, lunettes, glasses, Rodenstock, biometry, biometrical, Biometrie, biometrisch, Selbstschuß, self shot, people, art, sickness, digital, underground, stuff, photography, pictography, eraserhead, nothing at all, Motiv, Pass, Passport, Urkunde, birth registration, documents, ownership, self, pictorial, masterpiece, photo, Foto, caucasian, model, dress, Poltergeist, Technogeist, ghost in the machine, Kunst, Kunstmotiv, Gegenkunst, Kunstquadrat, fucked up, business, Gesichtslosigkeit, greyness, faceless, impersonal, disaster, German, Bewerbungsfoto, digital, application photo.

Series of 35 photos, 4672x2628px, RGB
HD-video, 1920x1080px, stereo, trt approx. 0:23 mins.